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Grants and Awards

Through the efforts of member volunteers who use their business skills to seek out and apply for grants and corporate awards, ARC has been fortunate to receive funding from various sources for upgrades to the club's facilities and equipment, including docks, safety equipment and oars.

List of Grants Awarded

Year Grantor Amount Purpose
2021Stewart's Monetary Donation$5,000Dock Upgrades
2021Stewart's Holiday Match Program$350New Launch Motor
2016 Albany Visitors Bureau $3,500 2017 Head of the Hudson Event Marketing
2014 HRIF $10,000 Feasibility Study for New Boathouse
2014 MVP "Project Go!" $2,500 Winter Training Equipment
2013 Albany Visitors Bureau $4,500 Event Marketing
2011 NYS HREP $63,000 Docks
2011 Race with Us $1,000 Ice Breaker 5K
2010 HRIF $7,182 Docks
2009 Liberty Mutual $2,500 8 Sweep Oars
2009 NYS Quadricentennial$1,000 Information Access
2008 HRIF $5,000 Docks
" Standish Family Fund$21,000 Safety Ramp
2007 NYS HREP $14,100 Docks
" Standish Family Fund$15,950 Safety Launches
2006 Standish Family Fund$1,000 Safety Equipment
" NYS DCFS* $3,000 New Sculling Oars
" HRIF $10,000 Docks
2005 HR Greenway $10,500 Docks
2000 NYS OPRHP** $2,500 Boat Trailer
" NYS HREP $25,000 Boathouse Siting Study
" HRIF $20,000 Docks
*DCFS = Division for Children and Family Services
**OPRHP = Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

ARC is grateful to all of the governmental agencies and private corporations that have provided support for the club and the sport of rowing in the Capital District.