Non-discrimination Policy: ARC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age or sexual orientation.

Volunteer Policy: Albany Rowing Center is an all volunteer organization, with the exception of the coaching staff. All members are required to participate as volunteers for the benefit of the club. Without the participation of the members, the essential work of the organization would be impossible to accomplish. Essential work includes fundraising, facility/equipment maintenance, Junior regatta support, special event support, and marketing/recruiting.

Safety Policies

Safe Sport Policy

Payment and Refund Policy

Dues - Dues must be paid and waiver submitted before rowers are allowed to be boated. All registration is now done online through iCrew. If you elect to pay by check, please bring payment with you to the first day of practice. Make checks payable to "Albany Rowing Center".

If you are registering in advance for the season or for Learn to Row or Summer Camp and are paying by check, please mail payment to:

      Albany Rowing Center
      Attn: Registration
      PO Box 857
      Albany, NY 12201-0857

Refunds - There will be no refunds unless a sickness or injury occurs within the first two weeks of the season. Refunds must be promptly requested by contacting the ARC Treasurer at business@albanyrowingcenter.org. A $20 administrative fee will be applied. No refunds will be given for early withdrawals prior to the start of a program. No refunds will be considered for Learn to Row or Summer Camps except when ARC cancels a session due to under enrollment. In the event that ARC cancels a session, a full refund will be provided and no administrative fee will be charged.

Equipment Use Policy

ARC equipment is to be used only as part of a sanctioned program. Members are not permitted to take or use boats, oars or other equipment except as part of regular practice for the program they are participating in. Master rowers who attend non-club scheduled regattas using their own sculling boats, may borrow a double for use at the regatta with the permission of the Head Coach. Use of equipment is subject to a refundable deposit equal to the insurance deductible in force at the time. Transportation and handling of the equipment must meet safety requirements identified for the equipment by the Head Coach.