Information for Members


Membership is open to all. All members are required to register and pay an annual membership fee. The membership fee offsets some of ARC's administrative and operational costs. Members who register to row in one of ARC's programs, pay additional program dues. Persons who register as members but do not register to row are considered "at large" members.

New Registration System - Starting with Winter 2021, ARC is adopting a new club management system for administering memberships, program registrations, practice attendance, and more. This new system is called iCrew. To participate in ARC activities in 2021 and beyond, you will need to set up an ARC member account in iCrew. Go Here to set up your member account.


$50 Referral Bonus: Members are eligible to receive a $50 referral bonus for each new rower who registers for a full ARC seasonal program. The bonus may be taken in cash or applied towards your next seasonal registration. The referred person must be a brand new rower who never registered for a seasonal program in the past; and will need to identify you as the person who should receive the referral bonus when completing their registration.

Family Discount: Families registering multiple rowers in a given season (Spring, Summer, etc) are eligible to receive a 10% discount for the seasonal fee portion of their registrations. This discount is applicable across Masters and Juniors programs. Please contact the ARC Treasurer for more information.


Much of the essential work of the club is performed by volunteers acting as part of a committee. For this year, the Board of Directors has announced the following standing committees and chairpersons.

To volunteer for a committee or ask any question regarding these committees, please contact the Board of Directors at

Annual Members Meeting

As required by the Bylaws of the Organization, the club holds an Annual Meeting of the members during the first week of November. This is a business meeting to update the members on financial status and program accomplishments of the club and to elect new members to the Board of Directors. All dues paying members and parents of Junior members have the privilege of attending the meeting and voting in Board elections. The Annual Meeting for 2021 will be held on Wednesday November 3rd. Details to be announced.


Still have questions? Email us.