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Junior Rowing

Rowing is an amazing sport that never fails to challenge the body, mind, and soul of its participants. At Albany Rowing Center, junior rowers gain strength, perseverance, and passion for the sport as they are coached to perform their best and perhaps discover that their best far exceeds their original expectations. Junior rowing at ARC has become very competitive at New York State Scholastic Rowing Association Championships and at the US Rowing National Youth Championships and other regional and national events.

Novice versus Varsity

Junior rowing is open to students from age 13 to 18. All rowers in their first year of rowing are considered novices, regardless of age. Novice coaching focuses on improving technique and developing general fitness and strength. Rowers are assessed regularly and evaluated for moving into the varsity group. The varsity group includes those who have achieved criteria set by the Head Coach, including demonstrating competitive erg scores, technical skill and a high level of commitment. ARC recognizes that excellence must be fostered in each rower so that individual and team goals can be set and accomplished. Rowers of all levels, from the beginner to the experienced, are coached to reach their potential.

High School Competition

ARC is a member of the New York State Scholastic Rowing Association, and ARC high school rowers, both novice and varsity, compete in scholastic and club events during the Spring season. Fall season regattas are primarily club events. Non-competitive rowing is an option only in summer.


ARC also offers students the opportunity to learn coxswain skills. The coxswain is an essential part of sweep rowing, as essential as the rowers themselves. The job of the coxswain is to steer the boat, help the crew keep the cadence, call out instructions from the coach and provide encouragement during races. The coxswain must be a good communicator.


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