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Our Fleet

The ARC fleet of rowing shells includes a variety of types and sizes that allows the coaches to train our teams for competition in sweep and sculling events, in both large and small boats. In 2005, the club made a major investment to upgrade its fleet. Since then, boats have been added to the fleet on an as needed basis. The cost of this equipment ranges from $30,000 to $40,000 for a new eight to $3,000 or $4,000 for a new single. All equipment is insured against loss or damage in order to protect the club's investment. Insurance is one of the major expenses of the club. On occasion, the club will name a boat in honor of a benefactor or a club member who has died. Names in quotations are nicknames.

List of Boats

Year Make Type Name
2015 King Super Lightweight Capitol
2015 Swift Club A Quad
2014 Swift Two Singles
2014 Vespoli V1 Coxed Four
2013 Vespoli Ultralite Eight (medium) Lewis A. Swyer
.... Fluidesign Quad
2010 Vespoli Ultralite Eight (small) Class of 2012
" M2 Quad
2007 Vespoli Matrix Pair/DoubleHeron
2005 Vespoli Racer DM Eight Assiduity
" Racer DS Eight
" Racer DS Eight
" Racer DM Four Lenore Kuwik
" Racer DM Four Neil S. Kaye
" Performer Quad "Big Blue"
2003 Vespoli Performer Eight
" Matrix Pair/Double
Peinert Single
Maas Single
" Training Single
1995 Vespoli Pair/Double "The Heavy Double"
1990 Coffey Lightweight Single