Parents Committee

Parents of Albany Rowing Kids

The Parents of Albany Rowing Kids (PARK) Committee has been re-established as a means for parents of Junior Rowers to become more involved in the club. PARK members work in concert with the coaches and the Board of Directors to focus on issues that are specific to the Junior Rowing program. Examples include uniform coordination, how to information for new parents, directories for carpooling, junior recruitment and information on college scholarships.

Parent-Rower-Coach Conferences

Sign up online HERE.

ARC is pleased to announce the availability of Parent-Rower-Coach conferences. Please take advantage of this opportunity to chat with Coach Kolomiets about how things are going with your rower, their goals, Yuri's expectations, schedules, any injuries, future opportunities, etc. Available on an ongoing basis, ideally each family would chat with Yuri once a season or so. Conferences are generally scheduled for the half hour before practice starts, but can be arranged for other times if necessary.

Please sign up 48 hours in advance. Rowers are encouraged to attend, but are not required to attend. All conferences will take place at 883 Broadway unless otherwise noted.

Information for New Rowers

ARC uses a Google Group email listserve for coordinating Junior Program activities, regatta planning, and other conversational exchanges. If you are a new member, please email the webmaster at and request to join the Juniors/Parents ARC Google Group. Members may unsubscribe at any time by using the link at the bottom of any group message.

Information for Parents

A directory of parent and junior rower contact information is available to parents wishing to coordinate regatta travel, carpooling etc. If you are a parent of a junior rower and would like a copy of the directory, please contact Kathy Moser at

For information related to dues payment and refunds, non-discrimination, volunteer requirements and equipment use policy, go HERE.